Vadormed soft are mite and allergen proof casings, to go over mattresses, pillows and bed covers such as duvets. They prevent hous dust mites from getting into the bedding and what is more important they prevent allergenic particles - in particular the feacal particles from house dust mites- from being released from the bedding into the air. Vadormed soft has been specially developed for patients allergic house dust mites and sufferers from hous dust included asthma. Vadormed soft is benifical to neurodermatitis and psoriasis sufferers too.

Impervious to mites and allergenic particles larger than 0,5 micrometer
Comfortable sleeping, because highly porous to water vapour
Impervious to liquids, creams, and ointments
Very resistant to taering and streching
Washable at 60 C

It is important that the mattres, pillows and bed covers are all encased with these special casings at one and the same time. Pull individual linen over Vadormed soft